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Thanks for the Memories.

My Grandfather took me to my very first Dodger game when I was a boy. Now I had watched games with him at his house many times so I knew who Vin Scully was. As we took our seats I told my Grandfather, "This is neat but we don't get to hear Vin." He looked at me and pulled a small radio from his pocket and told me, "Don't worry, Vin is right here." I asked how are we supposed to hear him on that little radio. He put his finger over his lips to "shh" me and turned it on. That little radio, along with everyone else's radios filled the stadium with the greatest baseball voice of all time. I'm so lucky that I got to grow up listening to Vin Scully call Dodger games and I cherish every moment he shared with us. To paraphrase the living legend, "Bye Vin and a very pleasant retirement to you." #vinscully #cryinglikeababy #thankyouvin#vinscullyday

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