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2014 is gonna ROCK!

There are so many things that are swirling around inside my head right now. I have a lot of ideas for different projects that I can’t even draw them all. I have a few friends working on future projects that I think will be very fun for everyone to read and enjoy. But more on that later. When I say 2014 is gonna ROCK I mean it. Gopher-it Comics is set to make it’s biggest impact yet. The facebook page has over 5000 fans and I just spent the last few days totally revamping the Gopher-it Comics website so that even people on cel phones and iPads can now view it with no problem. I’m totally committed to keeping the page updated with new comics, blogs like this one, behind the scenes material and maybe even an exclusive comic or two. I hope that people are looking forward to this as much as I am. So please help me spread the word of Gopher-it Comics and let’s ROCK this year together! Thanks for reading.

Have Fun!


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