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Michael Chandler

I was waiting to get my haircut one day when this young guy in a security uniform walked into Supercuts. I immediately wondered why Supercuts would need security but I let it go. The young man walked around the waiting area as I was talking to the other customers & girls that worked there. I made him laugh a few times even though he was trying to be “serious” and do his job. After a while, I got my haircut and left. The next day I noticed a new “like” on my facebook fan page and there was a friend request in my queue, “Hi, I’m the security guard from Supercuts last night.”. Michael became a big supporter of my comic strips. When I would get my haircut, he would always be there with a smile on his face and let me know what he thought of my latest strip. It felt good to know someone cared about what I was doing and that I entertained them a little bit. I may not be a super famous cartoonist, but Michael sure made me feel like I was.

I woke up today (1-8-12) and read the news that Michael had passed away due to heart complications. All I could think about was, “How could this happen to such a young kid filled with energy and happiness?”. Something isn’t right here. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his girlfriend, Mandy. I know he loved her very much from the short conversations he had. I hope that Mandy and the rest of Michael’s family realize how lucky they were to know such a great kid. Don’t be sad that he is gone, be happy that you got to know him. I wish I had got to know him a little more.

Thanks Michael, for making me feel like a big shot. I miss you already!

Your friend,


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