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Steve Jobs Visits an Apple Store?

A few years ago I was walking around the mall in Century City waiting for a movie to start. I usually arrive a little early at this particular mall when I’m going to watch a flick because it has an Apple store. I love to browse the store for any new software that might come in handy when producing comic strips. On this night I was about to enter the store when I noticed a large crowd of people surrounding a tall man with dark hair and glasses, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. I immediately recognized the celebrity at the center of attention and thought it would be cool to say, “Hello.”. What would I say? I like to have something to talk about when I run into a celebrity. Sure, “I love your work.” always works in a pinch but I like to be a little original. As the final couple left the store I heard them exclaim how excited they were to see Steve Jobs in an Apple store, as most of the people did as they walked past me. Ah-ha! I had an original story to share. I approached the now all alone person and introduced myself and asked if I could share my story. He was very gracious and allowed me to proceed. I told him how I stood there in the store for the last 15 minutes and was impressed with the way he handled the crowd and how happy everybody was to meet him. I told him how fan after fan walked past me and were so excited that they got to meet Steve Jobs. I then proceeded to tell him that would have made for a funny episode of Full House. He laughed so hard and agreed with me. It was nice to know that Bob Saget’s sense of humor was bigger than his ego. I don’t know if he remembers the encounter but I never forgot it. Sure it would have been cool to meet Steve Jobs but it wouldn’t have been half as funny.

Have Fun!


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